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Branison Smith was founded in 2002 as a financial services firm. While  providing individuals, families and small businesses with retirement planning, protection management and prepaid legal services, it was discovered that a number of clients who  also happened to  be business owners, had  a need  for similar  services such as f retirement planning, protection management and legal protection services.

Partnering with key service providers, Branison  Smith was able to develop programs to serve this niche business community,  such as

¨ Group and Individual Retirement plans

¨ Key Man Insurance

¨ Pre Paid Legal  Services

In addition, Branison Smith also  provides complimentary  financial wellness workshops  for  employees.  These workshops not only give the added value  to the client’s employee retention programs, it also gives employees  access to licensed financial professionals who can give guidance to common wealth management questions.

In 2012, Branison Smith opened a separate division, Branison Smith LLC. This division provides  consulting services  for  clients seeking  guidance  for  marketing  and marketing technology —client relationship management (CRM) , marketing analytics, business intelligence  and  client database management and development.



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